Will this functionality be added to the next version of IPCop?

This is unknown requests have been raised by various people to integrate L2TP, PPTP, Radius Authentication etc. in the next version of IPCop. Time will tell if the IPCop Dev team have time to add these features.

How can I get more help?

You can join the IPCop mailing lists or you can try the unofficial IPCop Support Site

Does IPCop 1.4.0 Support L2TP out of the Box?

No. Somewhere you will need an L2TP Daemon running and you will need to do some exrta config at the command line. See Wiki Page on how to do this for IPCop IPCop L2TP Howto And for anything else you could take a look at: Jacco de Leeuw's HOWTO on using L2TP/IPsec with Windows 2000/XP/9x/Me/NT

How long before the world goes Vegan?

How many generations will it take before the world comes to realise that animals are not just a resource for our exclusive usage, but a cohabitant of the planet. Or at least that is what you will think after reading anything on the subject by Peter Singer, Tom Regan, Mary Midgley, David DeGrazia to name but a few.

Animals, do they have rights?

The short answer to this is no (and yes).

The longer answer is it depends on the context. If you mean ‘rights’ as in the opposite to ‘wrongs’, i.e. a moral right, then yes, but better would be ‘Treating Animals in the right way’

Animal Ethics

Animal ethics has a variety of related issues, which interest people to different degrees The more obvious ones I can think of are:

- Animal experimentation
- Fur/Skin/Ivory Trade
- Blood Sports
- Cruelty to animals
- Working Animals
- Animals in captivity/pets
- Eating Animals
- Endangered species

These are some of the potential issues that spring to mind, some are often in the news, others less so. I can imagine that a few of these issues get people quite worked up but others rarely get a mention.

Mills and Liberty

Seems to me that a lot of what John Stuart Mills says about Liberty, Freedom and the use of the Harm Principle makes sense. Although you can put some holes in it through counter argument, and a lot of people have certainly tried, it still seems a powerful idea even after more than 150 years. Its not perfect but to me it seems quite a good rule of thumb to judge real life situations by.

Like a lot of ideas and arguments it is not perfect but if you take into account the context of it use then it can certainly be a helpful tool.

Discovery of Ayn Rand

I have been gradually doing a bit of self education in Philosophy. This usually takes the form of Audio books which can be transfered to the old mp3 player and listened to on the train, walking to work etc.

Having come across most of the popular classic, catholic and modern philosophers; i found that modern philosophy in a lot of my material seemed to consider the ‘modern’ period as being before I was even born.

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