What is RUEI?

RUEI, or Real User Experience Insight, is a product marketed by Oracle for providing real user performance data. The product was developed by a Dutch company called Moniforce, who Oracle bought a few years ago. The product has since been rebadge and change to use a backend Oracle database to store the OLAP data. It originally used a MySQL database back in the days before Oracle also owned MySQL. you can still see evidence of RUEI's pre-Oracle heritage littered around even the latest version. These are also know as a RUM system (Real User Monitoring).

What use is an iPad: Part 4 - Conclusions


What use is an iPad: Part 3 - Netbook

My final task and probably the hardest was the replacement of the netbook.
Hardest because a netbook is a fully functional pc and very versatile. But the majority of the time my netbook is used is for web access, email, IM; and the main reasons i want to do this are when I want to sit in the living room in front of the Telly or I am out and about.

What use is an iPad: Part 2 - ebooks

The next task was to get all my books from my sony book reader onto the iPad. Initially I installed iBooks and Kindle reader, this gave me a good selection of books to buy but wasn't quite what I needed to read my old books. Part of the problem is each application has it's own file area that is not visible from the other applications, this mean to test 4 non proprietary book readers you have to copy the test books on 4 times. Although later i came across another app called filebrowser that partially solves this issue, it allows you to open a file in different applications.

What use is an iPad: Part 1 - The beginning

This blog follows my forays into the world of the iPad, originally intended as a simple brief overview of my reasons for entering this world, and what I found when I got there. But like most things the text took on a life of its own and as it hits four pages I have decided to split it up into parts. This is the first of 4 posts.

Part 1
You have to wonder of what use an iPad would be. I thought a similar thing myself, specially as I also already own a Sony ebook reader, a nokia n800 tablet, an msi net book and an iPod touch.

What can I do with RUEI?

Brief history of hubs and sniffing

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L2TPD Daemon Falls Over

You may find that occasionally that the L2TPD daemon falls over which will stop any one logging in. The simplest way to solve this is to create a script called /root/l2tpd_check.sh

Containing the following code

if [ $(ps -fu root | grep " l2tpd" | grep -v grep | wc -l) -eq 0 ]


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