Using RUEI to monitor load testing

RUEI is not designed to be a load testing monitor tool but to a certain extend it can be useful addition to more traditional tools.

See blog entries for 'What is RUEI?' and 'What can I do with RUEI?' for more info on RUEI in general.

You might not be able to spot a load test issue as obviously as the load testing tool initially but with after a few runs and comparing results you will probably find that certain load issues can be seen in RUEI screens.

For example

- Traffic size - could show a dip in throughput, I.e. A jvm dropping all it's connections because it is restarting.

- Failures - unusual errors or higher than expected number of errors

- Page loading time Satisfaction - Higher percentage of orange and red, will often indicate poor user experience.

- Object performance details - Will help you tell if delay is in the server or the network.

The above can then help you target which logs to look at and when.