Will I upgrade to iPad 2?

The rumour mill is in full swing about the specs of the forthcoming ipad2. So is there any reason, apart from having the latest kit on the block, that I should upgrade?

Let's take the features individually.

- more memory
- more storage
- camera/s
- display
- redesigned exterior
- port changes

Very likely to happen is the memory of the iPad will increase from 256 to 512MB to match the iPhone 4, possibly even more. This will allow larger apps to run better and/or run more apps to run simultaneously. Nice but not a feature making you rush out to buy one.

Another possibility is that if the price per MB of flash has dropped enough we may see a 128GB flash storage option. For most people, me included, they have yet to fill 64GB, so while good to have this option I don't see that I will need that much for another year or so.

Cameras both back and front seem likely due to the leaked case designs already circulating. If you don't have an iPhone 4 or equivalent smartphone this would probably be an exciting feature. But for those of us who do, this is probably another nice to have feature, rather than a rush out to buy feature.

Display, GPU and CPU upgrades have all been put forward as possible to allow better quality movies etc. But 9.7 inch higher resolution screens are quite expensive and most people struggle to see the difference between a 720p and an 1080p HD film on larger Television screens, so not sure how much difference it would make on the smaller iPad screen. From an apps point of view it took 6 months or so for the majority of the apps I use to release a retina version so could be a while before the apps catchup to a screen resolution change. So I think this is another feature I can wait for.

The port changes are still fairly vague, and if you already own the camera kit you are unlikely to get much more benefit from any changes.

In conclusion the iPad 2 is going to be an evolution rather than the revolution of the first iPad, in much the same way as each generation of iPhone. I believe that if you have a iPad that already meets your needs then you will probably be just as well holding off until the 3rd generation of iPad comes out in a years time, even more so if you have an iphone4.