RUEI Gotcha's: Tracking Cookie & Preparedb --clean

We have hit two different issues on our recent RUEI install. One to do with doing a fresh RUEI db install over an existing build, and the second is an issue with the tracking cookie not working.

The first issue was hit when we wanted to blow away the RUEI install we had just built and start again. The preparedb command has a flag (--clean) to do this but it was erroring. So we blew away the oracle ruei database completely by removing all the data files. Still it errored even with the clean option, eventually we realised that by removing the entry for the database in the oratab file the preparedb script would then happily install a fresh database. This seems to make the rebuild option less than ideal as the error message gives no indication that the problem is that the db is still listed in the oratab file.

The second issue was on a RUEI system that is built to production level and is being trialed before officially going live. A couple of odd things were noticed, one was that there appeared to be 10 times less users than expected, I.e. A different part of the system shows more users than another part, but we know from the oracle database that this former system has a tenth of the users of the other. The other thing noticed was that the session tracking page (System->status->data processing->Sessions) has most of the sessions as red instead of green, meaning it can't identify these sessions. Ideally all of these sessions would be green.

After investigation by Oracle both issues were found to be related to the session tracking cookie. The cause turned out to be a bug in the documentation in that the JavaScript provided to create the cookie couldn't handle multidomain urls. E.g. .com works but doesn't. This will be corrected in future versions of the RUEI docs.

In the mean time we have changed the cookie generation code and firebugs now shows the cookie has been created. On testing this fixed our issue.