Post Formating Rules

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There follows a method of laying out posts for topics in a Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns. The idea is to make the posts easier to read and less confusing.

Narative is in Dark Blue, for example:

The huge bald man wiped out his 7 foot broadsword and had at the small cat


Out of Character Comments should be in dark red, tagged with [OCC] for example:

[OOC] Would my character know what a trebuchet is?


Characters actions and speech should be in standard font and colour (black), tagged with the characters name; for example:

[Bilbo] I pick up the shiny ring from the floor of the cave. I whisper "Now I will kicked the Golbins butts"

NPC actions and speech will be in indigo, and tagged with the characters name; for example:

[Barman] The barman throws the drunk out, and he shouts "And stay out".