Looking for volunteers for Natural Disasters Survey

I am currently doing a dissertation on Social media in natural disasters. I am interested in how useful it is during natural disasters, how its usefulness can be improved and what the effect is when the infrastructure, i.e. the Internet, is not available due to damage. If this doesn’t apply to you but you know someone it might please forward this request to them.
Unfortunately I cannot use family or direct friends due to potential survey bias.
Any natural disaster is applicable Flooding in UK, Earthquakes in Haiti, Typhoons in Philippines etc.
In the next few weeks I hope to start issuing questionnaires and/or doing interviews. These will use whatever media is most appropriate. For Questionnaires this will usually be web or email. For interviews these can be done via email, instant messaging, phone, VOIP, in person (where in close proximity).
I am looking for 3 types of respondent/interviewee

  1. People directly affected e.g. Victims
  2. People indirectly affected e.g. Friends and Family of victims 
  3. People working for, or volunteering for, relief organisations or governments*

* in both an ‘on the ground’ and backend IT capacity
The data presented with be anonymised and meet ethical and data protection guidance for The Open University. More information on this will be sent later.
If you think you can help please respond and give a little background on what category you fall into and why, or if you want more information then please contact me survey at elminster.com.