Looking for volunteers for Natural Disasters Survey

I am currently doing a dissertation on Social media in natural disasters. I am interested in how useful it is during natural disasters, how its usefulness can be improved and what the effect is when the infrastructure, i.e. the Internet, is not available due to damage. If this doesn’t apply to you but you know someone it might please forward this request to them.
Unfortunately I cannot use family or direct friends due to potential survey bias.
Any natural disaster is applicable Flooding in UK, Earthquakes in Haiti, Typhoons in Philippines etc.

Zend Framework 2, Inputfilters and Capitalised Database Columns

This note may be of use to someone, it had me pulling my hair out for a while.
Having successfully completed the Zend Framework 2 Album Tutorial it seemed appropriate to convert a Zend Framework 1 project to ZF2. Although this pretty much meant rewriting it as ZF2 is significantly different.
Hit an issue when trying to update or add records in the database, eventually narrowed this down to using the input filters and isValid function. After the isValid had run to validated form against the input filters the DBobj fields were null.

Using RUEI to monitor load testing

RUEI is not designed to be a load testing monitor tool but to a certain extend it can be useful addition to more traditional tools.

See blog entries for 'What is RUEI?' and 'What can I do with RUEI?' for more info on RUEI in general.

You might not be able to spot a load test issue as obviously as the load testing tool initially but with after a few runs and comparing results you will probably find that certain load issues can be seen in RUEI screens.

For example

- Traffic size - could show a dip in throughput, I.e. A jvm dropping all it's connections because it is restarting.

Ebusiness Load Runner Ramp up Performance Bottleneck - Part 1

 A series of brain dumps of getting ebusiness up to speed when using load runner against it. Part 1 deals with changing the Apps 11i apache defaults to handle a larger load.

If your ebusiness system is of a spec to allow many thousands of concurrent users to be logged in but during load testing you have a performance issue or possible hang during the ramp up phase, and you have looked at all the usual things - CPus, memory, Jservs etc - then you maybe suffering an issue with Apaches ability to handle the frequency of the connections.

What throughput can I get with NFS

This article concentrates on NFS over gigabit, the most common form in data centres at the time of writing.

The first thing to set is expectations when it comes to NFS. Your NFS server might have an 8Gb connection to a high speed SAN but if you network is 1Gb then that only equates to 125MB/s but even then in ideal conditions in a lab, using Jumbo Frames and tuned to a particular application, only speeds of 112MB/s have been obtained. But in fact it is worse than that, in real life empirical evidence shows that a throughput of 30-60 MB/s is more like what you should expect.

Will I upgrade to iPad 2?

The rumour mill is in full swing about the specs of the forthcoming ipad2. So is there any reason, apart from having the latest kit on the block, that I should upgrade?

Let's take the features individually.

- more memory
- more storage
- camera/s
- display
- redesigned exterior
- port changes

Very likely to happen is the memory of the iPad will increase from 256 to 512MB to match the iPhone 4, possibly even more. This will allow larger apps to run better and/or run more apps to run simultaneously. Nice but not a feature making you rush out to buy one.

iPad RTFM: Where to get help

The iPad can sometimes be a victim of its own intuitiveness. People find it so easy to use they rarely read the manual, in fact it is not immediately obvious there is a manual. This leads to the issue where if someone can't work out how to do something they just give up assuming it can't be done, or they might miss out on a feature that makes their iPad life much easier.

Upon opening the package that contains your new iPad you will find no paper manual or CD/DVD based manual. Upon using you new iPad you will find no manual electronically stored ready to be used. So where is it?

RUEI Gotcha's: Tracking Cookie & Preparedb --clean

We have hit two different issues on our recent RUEI install. One to do with doing a fresh RUEI db install over an existing build, and the second is an issue with the tracking cookie not working.

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